Sites you Must Click on!

I didn't go to school for painting; Sure, I've had art classes during my school years but half the stuff I know now wasnt taught in the classroom. Being thee avid reader I am, I researched it!  I've added the links to the sites I feel Ive learned the most from. If you have any sites... Continue Reading →


House paint for Fine Art? No bueno!

OH the PANG in my heart when I notice an artist using house paint on canvas. To foresee the future of an awesome piece falling apart. Ouch! But who am I to stomp on someones creative process?! Creation is limitless! Go for it! There are no bounds! Just know this, if you want to be taken... Continue Reading →

Reading Paint Label

Colors can darken or turn gray. Colors can lighten and fade. The result: a painting that looks nothing like when it was 1st created! Id be Heartbroken!!! Fear not my creative souls! the writing is on the label of the paint tube. Becoming familiar with whats on a tube or jar of paint will help... Continue Reading →

Preserving Art: Archival & Acid Free

There are 2 terms I need to clarify, because you will constantly hear it, read it, speak it in the art world. It's important to be familiar with these terms since they will assure the ultimate permanence of your work. Especially if you are an art collector!  "Archival & Acid-free" . Archival material of suitable quality... Continue Reading →

Art & Craft Stores

I am sure you've herd the term Starving Artist;  the term has been around since Romanticism in the late 18th & early 19th centuries. The text book definition says a starving artist is an artist who sacrifices their well-being in order to focus on their artwork OR  live on minimum expenses because all their disposable income... Continue Reading →


Welcome all to my revamped corner of the world wide web. I had started this site back in 2011; back when the only bill I was responsible for was my phone bill, back when my only  worry was waking up on time for school Monday morning after a whole weekend of south beach club parties.... Continue Reading →

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